What To Do with Marijuana Leaves?

weedsmart_image_What To Do with Marijuana Leaves

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar While cannabis as of today has been long stigmatized, the sale and use of cannabis is becoming fully legal in several states with the end of prohibition in sight. With a greater public acceptance and scientific research of the versatile plant funding now available, we are starting to see […]

Is It Safe To Take Cannabis With Viagra?

weedsmart_image_Is It Safe To Take Cannabis With Viagra

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Viagra or sildenafil citrate was the first erectile dysfunction pill introduced to the market. Millions of men have used this drug to stimulate blood flow to the penis, making it easier to have an erection.  If you live someplace where cannabis is legal, you might you curious whether taking […]

How to Get Higher from Weed?

weedsmart_image_How to Get Higher from Weed

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Whether you’re about to smoke a joint alone, planning to have a bong session with friends or looking just for therapeutic benefits, cannabis consumption remains a personal choice. Although we do not recommend you to consume it if the state you are living in doesn’t allow you to, we […]

What Happens When You Eat Weed?

weedsmart_image_Um, What Happens When You Eat Weed

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Capsules, tinctures, smoking, vaping, edibles are the most common ways people consume their weed. As to which is the most popular of them all? Well, that depends on who you ask. However, as legalization continues to sweep the nation and more cultivators deepen their knowledge and create innovations, people […]

How To Store Shrooms

weedsmart_image_How to Store Shrooms

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Magic mushrooms are a naturally grown substance that contains psilocybin, a psychoactive hallucinogenic compound that produces intoxicating effects when consumed. Known as one of the most common psychedelic substances, shrooms are prepared by growing, drying, and then eaten with a combination of food or drink.  While shrooms are known […]

Weed Edible Dosage

weedsmart_image_Weed Edibles Dosage

Written and Fact Checked by S. Zulfiqar Edible forms of cannabis have gained huge notoriety for producing effective, safe, and long lasting effects. Alternatively, weed edibles can also easily be overdosed and over consumed, leaving a difficult and unpleasant feeling in some users.  Use this article as a reference to understanding the proper dose amount for […]


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