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If you think of yourself as a canna enthusiast (cannabis enthusiast) and love trying different things, then you must’ve heard of shatter. Even if you think you haven’t, there are fat chances that you’ve already tried it. And for the ones who have used it, know that it’s pretty awesome.

What is Shatter Anyway?

It’s an extract that has a lot of street names like Budder, Honey Wax, Sap, and even a formal name like Butane Hash Oil. This cannabis concentrate is prepared by combining the plant (cannabis) and some solvents. In terms of its physical appearance, it usually looks like a transparent, glass-like substance, resembling amber. Its colour, however, ranges from dark yellowish like corn oil to lighter bright yellow. It seems as if it would break into a million pieces if it falls out of our hands, and that is from where shatter got its name.

In recent times, this cannabis extract has become super popular. People from all walks of life prefer using shatter as it holds the plant’s true flavour. Another reason behind its popularity is the fact that it carries high concentrations of THC. The final product seems pure and looks elite, depending on the quality of its ingredients, of course. It’s usually consumed via dabbing or vaping, although there are a handful of other ways to use it.


How to Make Shatter?

Now that we are aware of what it is and why it is so popular let’s get to know how we can make our shatter.

When it comes to making your shatter, there are a few things you must know before you get started. Always remember:

  • The quality of the input materials would define the quality of the final product.
  • Careful extraction methods would determine you’re going in the right direction.
  • Patient post-processing parameters would guarantee you the best results.

For making your shatter at home, here is the list of supplies you’ll need:

  1. One ounce of uncut marijuana
  2. One extraction tube
  3. Coffee filter
  4. A butane canister
  5. Boiler (preferably electric)
  6. A dish or a tray


With all supplies at hand, start with grinding the weed and allow it to rest for about 10-15 minutes. To get the ideal start, we need our weed to be dry. In case your weed is still fresh or wet; you’ll need to get it dried first.

To roughly get 3 grams of shatter, you’ll need to put one ounce into the extractor and spray it with one 12-ounce canister of butane. Like that, you’ll probably get over 3 grams of shatter.

So grab your honey oil extractor and fill it with the weed. These extractors are easily available in stores, and you can even buy them online. Meanwhile, the pot should be packed tightly in the extractor but make sure that it’s not too tight.

If you’re bought your extractor from a store, you will find a small hole at one end of the extractor, and the other one must have an internal filter and have several little holes. That’s how store-bought exactors are like. In case you don’t own an extractor like that, your coffee filter will also work for you.

Now, very carefully start spraying the butane. Slowly and carefully. Keep spraying until the can is empty. If you’re doing it right, you should be able to see thick dark-coloured oil dripping into your tray from the bottom of the holes.

It’s important to remember here that the above-mentioned process should ideally be performed outside your home. The perfect place would be a properly ventilated location and away from the buildings, vehicles, or potentially anything that can be a source of ignition. Even the smallest ignition can cause a huge explosion. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t want that to happen inside your home.

Another potentially dangerous step is the boiling process. Using electric range, fill your boiler and let it heat. Again, it’s highly important to be careful at this step because using a gas stove can also start a fire.

Carefully place your tray on the top of the boiler so that it catches heat. Proper heating would eventually lead to evaporation. In other words, this process with ultimately get rid of the butane, and you’ll know you’re done with the process when it stops bubbling. Now all that’s left would be shattered (and a bit of butane).

At this stage, the thick shatter would still contain a small volume of butane. To get rid of it, you can use a pressurized vacuum pump. This process will help you get rid of all the remaining traces of butane from your mixture. It’s until now you get to feel that you’re going the right way because what you’ll now see would be the purest form of your product.

Finally comes the part where you take something sharp to scrape off the wax from the tray to allow it to cool on the parchment paper. Whatever you’re using, make sure it’s not something valuable or one of your most favourite knives because the concentrate will make that object hopelessly sticky.

Once it’s completely dried, it would be safe to say that you’ve made your very own shatter at home. That’s right; you are now the proud owner of THC wax, aka shatter. You’re allowed to feel happy and take photos of your final product because the only thing left to do with the wax is to smoke it.

Keep in mind that it’s always better to take off from a low dose. If you’re trying it for the first time, there are chances you are not aware of your dose. You can easily overdo it. And since you’ve done all the hard work of learning how to make shatter, greening out would not be ideal. Start from a small amount and see what suits you so that you get to experience true satisfaction and pleasure. 

In Conclusion

You should always take the utmost care if you try to make shatter. The processes can be dangerous at times and is usually best left for the professionals. An alternative is to buy shatter online in Canada from online dispensaries or local services such as Weed Delivery Vancouver. Or enjoy the extra savings with mail order marijuana from places such as WeedSmart. You can even Buy Shatter Bars, but dont be fooled. These aren’t the same shatter products that you might be thinking about.  Order now from WeedSmart and get the lowest prices on top-grade shatter. 

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